Q: Where are you located?

Crayo.shop is located in California, US! Weather has been very funny these days. 

Q: How long does shipping take?
I ship orders in 4-5 days once order is received. 


Q: Trade policies

I do not discourage trading :) Feel free to trade!

Q: How much is shipping? 

US usps shipping: $4-6

International shipping: $14-18

(Australia shipping may be different due to their new shipping policies)


Shipping to AUSTRALIA:

If you are buying from Australia, please be aware of the shipping prices at the moment for orders before purchasing. Sometimes the system I use to make labels charges differently than when someone places an order. 


 If I have a question where can I message you?

Please message me via email : crayo64pck@gmail.com

or through my instagram: @crayo.shop


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